Enjoy 20% off for your First time order, use code upon checkout: 20%FIRST | FREE DELIVERY FOR ALL PURCHASES
Enjoy 20% off for your First time order, use code upon checkout: 20%FIRST | FREE DELIVERY FOR ALL PURCHASES

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Power Blemish Control Serum


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Why are we so special?

Specialist solutions to Acne, Sensitive & Aging skin

Personalized treatments tailored to individual skin needs

Holistic diagnosis identifies skin problems from inner causes

All treatments are safe and non-invasive


"My skin improved tremendously after using Melissachens products. In just 2 weeks, I can see the improvements to my skin. My favorite product is the Sensitive Skin Advanced Repair Serum."

Rachel Tham - Sensitve Skin with Pigmented Aged Spots

"My pimples reduced and skin clearer after just one month of using Melissachens acne products. I highly recommend Power Blemish Repair Serum and Mask for those suffering from severe acne skin."

WK Wong - Acne Skin

"I can visibly see my skin becoming brighter and smoother after just 3 weeks of using Melissachens products. Their Comfort Milk Cleanser really makes my skin feel nice and hydrated."

Joey Khoo - Dull & Dehydrated Skin

"One month after using Melissachens, my skin really transformed 360 degrees. My acne breakouts have reduced and pores more refined, overall my skin has become more smoother and clearer."

Amanda Tan - Acne Skin

"Satisfying results in short time. I used many brands before, but nothing compares to Melissachens. The Moisturising Cream is amazing, it feels comfortable and makes my skin glow instantly. Now my friends all ask me what products I use. Thank you Melissachens!"

Anis Nadia - Dry Skin

"I have been suffering from sensitive skin for awhile now, but after using Skin protect Sensitive Repair Essence for 3 weeks, my skin sensitivity and redness have slowly subsided. It truly is a miracle product that saved my skin."

Tan Yen Li - Sensitive Skin


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