get 10% discount off non-set products for 1st time customer use code upon checkout: 10%First || Enjoy FREE DELIVERY FOR ALL PURCHASES.
get 10% discount off non-set products for 1st time customer use code upon checkout: 10%First || Enjoy FREE DELIVERY FOR ALL PURCHASES.

Our result driven formulas are designed to repair, restore, protect & nourish skin to the best of health


We use fresh Natural Botanicals and Plant Stem Cells with high concentrations of Anti-Aging Peptides to ensure faster, better, visible results on skin.



Do you want to have longer lasting skin beauty? The good news is, sustainable youthful skin can be achieved naturally with safe product, you just have to know how. Your mission should you choose to accept it... is to uncover your personalised skincare needs and create a high performance anti-aging routine that will correct your skin and turn back the hands of time in just 2 weeks.



Your mission should you choose to accept it... is to have your skin concerns corrected within the shortest time with our high performance treatment plan and personalised skincare routine, promising you a healthier and longer lasting skin beauty that you deserve in your journey of youth preservation.



Our products are faster, more powerful and more efficacious in nature.



Our ingredients are safer, healthier and more skin-loving with better comfort.



Our expertise will deliver visible differences for a longer lasting beauty.


Swiss Innovation

Melissachens High Performance Skincare is the result of innovation, biotechnology and decades of experiences that became our pride and heritage.

Using Eastern and Western methodologies, we leverage on top R&D laboratories in Switzerland to tailor-make skincare products specialised to deliver the best results for all skin types. We ensure our products are highly efficacious, safe and easy to apply onto the skin, enabling our customers to achieve amazing results.

We define High Performance Skin Care

Faster Results! Better Results! Visible Results! This is our motto. We believe in not only using the best ingredients, but also to have them at the right efficacy that would make dreams a reality.

Each Melissachens product is designed with a clear purpose in mind. Whether it is to hydrate your skin, clear your acne, soothe your sensitivity or firm your skin, the core objective is the same: “to achieve faster, better and more visible results that can endure the test of time.”

3 Our products are safe with no known skin-harming chemicals

Our formulas have been safety tested to be 100% free of irritants, pore-clogging and acne-causing ingredients.

NO artificial fragrances
NO coloring & dye


NO mineral oils
NO sulfates
NO SD alcohol
NO formaldehyde
NON comedogenic
NO Paraben

We use efficacious natural ingredients

It is in our belief that the most healthy skin solutions can be found in Mother Nature’s plants. Her Garden of Eden boasts the greatest variety of choices to allow us to select the best botanical ingredients free from animal harm. We do not believe in killing animals for beauty.

Hence, it is in our priority to hand-pick the most efficacious botanical ingredients for our premium formulation. We believe that age prevention starts young. Our formulas use biotechnology to combine Natural Botanicals, Plant Stem Cells and Plant based Anti-Aging Peptides to deliver results and promise your skin a better future with natural beauty.

We push the limits for healthier skin

We believe healthy skin DNA is essential to achieve a youthful looking appearance. Today, heavy pollution in our environment can easily stress our skin as polluted free radicals in the air contribute to our accelerated aging. There is a need for skincare products to work harder and be more pro-active to not only tend to the demands of our skin, but to exceed it as well.

Future damage must be anticipated and resolved before it is given the chance to manifest. That is why we specially formulated products that would not only protect the skin on a daily basis, but also to repair, restore and nourish the skin to optimal health.