get 10% discount off non-set products for 1st time customer use code upon checkout: 10%First || Enjoy FREE DELIVERY FOR ALL PURCHASES.
get 10% discount off non-set products for 1st time customer use code upon checkout: 10%First || Enjoy FREE DELIVERY FOR ALL PURCHASES.



To stabilize sensitive skin and reduce inflammation, improve hydration and reinforce skin barrier.


A quick-fix to soothe inflamed, sensitive skin. For skin with low tolerance towards skincare products and treatments.

#Essential Oils #Acupressure #Mask


Maintenance treatment to strengthen skin while reducing sensitivity levels. For easily reactive skin in need of protection from potential triggers.

#Serum #Massage #Double-mask

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Fina Leong, Acne Skin

In mid-2014, I started experiencing breakout on my skin and I didn’t know why. It was frustrating and I went to many other facial places but none were able to help. In fact, one of the facials I did somewhere else made my whole face red and scary for a few days, and the marks from squeezing left a big blemish mark that took almost 3 months to slowly fade. I even bought an extractor from the pharmacy and stopped going for facials and squeezed my pimples myself. Unfortunately, my skin condition kept worsening. Thankfully, in Feb2015 my friend introduced me to Melissachens and explained that they are Malaysia’s homegrown brand with top-range own-proprietary formulated Swiss products, and specializes in restoring acne & breakouts to radiant youthful skin. I went for a trial facial and never looked back. In just one session, I could visibly see a huge difference in my skin. my skin was much calmer, moisturized, hydrated and started to glow.

The best part is how professional & amazing the extraction process was and didn’t leave any big red marks on my face! I continued my treatments abd within 3-4 months, my past blemishes cleared and my breakouts reduced by 80-90%. I’m so happy with Melissachens and highly recommend anyone with skincare frustrations to entrust their problems into the highly skilled specialist at Melissachens. Thank you so much!

Love & gratitude,
Fina Leong
8 Jan 2016


Leong Min Juan (from Singapore), Acne Skin

I was recommended to Melissachens by my sister. At that time, I was having the worst pimple break-out ever! There was acne all over my forehead, cheeks, and chin area. I felt very troubled over my skin condition and visited several other facial places but it did not get better. My sister told me that Melissachens is the “acne-specialist” and insisted that I make a trip from Singapore to KL to have my face treated by them. When I came on 3.7.15, the team at Melissachens was extremely professional, they analyzed my skin & told me that mine was due to using the wrong cosmetic products. They carefully did a very thorough extraction for me which helped clear my acne, and the best thing was the extraction did not leave any “red marks” on the skin! Previously, when I went to other facial places, my face would be very red after extraction. After the first session, I saw that my skin condition improved a lot! Within 4 sessions (about 2 months), and with daily usage of their products, my skin completely recovered! My complexion is now so much better, thank you so much for the amazing team at Melissachens, for their patience, dedication and helping me to recover to a blemish-free & radiant skin! I would highly recommend anyone who has acne & other facial problems to visit them.

Min Juen
23 October 2015

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