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ENJOY 25% OFF STOREWIDE || 10% OFF first time orders,use code upon checkout: 10%first || FREE DELIVERY FOR ALL PURCHASES.

Early Success

In 1984 Melissa began using products from a German skincare brand. Unfortunately, the products were not compatible with the weather and began to show signs of ineffectiveness when clients started to complain.

“I was worried and felt that I should take the responsibility to do the right thing for my customers.” – Melissa

Melissa knew that she had to look for a new brand of products to expand her business options.

In 1989, Melissa became the first exclusive distributor in Malaysia for an American skincare brand.


In 1992, Melissa opened the very first Leonard Drake centre in Malaysia. Three years later she was the owner of the two “Head To Toe” and six Leonard Drake skincare centres. Melissa was even featured on “Woman At Work Magazine 1995”, Malaysia’s leading magazine for women entrepreneurs at the time.


Melissa remained humble and was eager to learn more to enhance her skills. As such, she enrolled in the post-graduate courses by the International Dermal Institute in Los Angeles, where she graduated as an internationally accredited beauty therapist. Furthermore, Melissa also completed numerous skincare extension certification courses at the proudly recognized University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Overwhelmed with her newfound knowledge, Melissa sat out on a personal mission to find a solution to various skin problems that plagued Malaysians, particularly acne and sensitised skin.

“I wanted to customize treatments for local customer’s lifestyle and I’m proud to say that I was able to solve, or at least control major acne problems of my clients.” – Melissa

Melissa was always working on her acne extraction technique. Over many years of treating difficult skin problems, her mastery over the art of extraction manifested itself through her persistence to never give up.

“My goal is to educate people on how to get the right type of skincare and the right type of treatment suitable for their skin” – Melissa

In 2000, Melissa started one of the first advanced beauty therapy post-education program in Malaysia with an affiliation to the International Dermal Institute of US. Her goal: to raise the standards of beauty therapists in the country.

By 2002, Melissa expanded her business into 20 operating salons in Klang Valley and was featured on New Straits Times as “Self-Made Chen.”